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MCEF welcomes new program director, Chuck Licis!

Chuck Licis was recently appointed Program Director of the Monroe County Education Foundation’s (MCEF) flagship program, Take Stock in Children (TSIC). Monroe County District Superintendent Mark Porter announced Licis’ appointment by stating, “Chuck Licis brings to the table a broad-based background and superlative skills to lead TSIC to even greater prominence and success in Monroe County and the state of Florida.”  TSIC is a unique program that prepares high school students for a successful college career through the efforts of individual mentors, funding for college scholarships, and activities largely spanning the entire high school experience.

Besides TSIC, the 2 companion programs of MCEF are the Experiment in International Living (EIL) and LEAP (Leadership Excellence Advancing Potential), which provide students with summer learning opportunities – travel abroad for students taking part in EIL and, in the case of LEAP, leadership activities in conjunction with the University of California, Los Angeles.

Licis, an alumnus of Arizona State University and a 20-year veteran of classroom experience in St. Louis, Mo., most recently served as the Success Coach at Key West High School (KWHS), which has the largest group of TSIC kids of any school in the state of Florida.  This past year, he coached and advised 90 students at KWHS. During his time at KWHS, Licis organized a number of college campus visits for TSIC kids in the Miami-Dade, Broward-Palm Beach tri-county area.

In addition to his role overseeing mentoring activities for TSIC participants at KWHS, Licis also expanded the number of students who took part in summer travel through the Experiment in International Living (EIL).  EIL is a partnership between Monroe County School District and the EIL parent organization in Vermont. For the past 70 years, EIL has been coordinating individual living and learning experiences abroad for students with a choice of countries on 4 continents and with dedicated fields of study.  Licis admits being partial to all things French, having earned a Master of Arts degree in French Literature from St. Louis University, which led to him coordinating tours of France for high school student groups seeking a cultural immersion experience.


As for his vision of the future, Licis is committed to increasing the visibility and awareness of the TSIC program throughout the Monroe County island chain, improving the college graduation rate of students, and maintaining strong, enduring ties with TSIC alumni.